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Why Llama Education?
Why Llama Education?

Maybe you have seen many schools before finding our page, so firstly thank you for visiting our site.



Maria Huaman Enriquez, founder Llama Education

At Llama Education you will learn languages and participate in leisure programs in an immersive culture throughout your time with us.

Our services are super personalised by the owner María 

Our school celebrates 25 years of teaching in Arequipa.

Your course will consist of interactive classes where you can practice and understand the context of conversations in a suitable learning atmosphere in your class and school.

The material is made exclusively by Llama Education.

Our goal with our students is to achieve a high degree of linguistic and communicative communication above even your own expectations.

We offer a Survival course which is available from beginner to DELE C2 online via Skype or in person on ours campus. 

Contact us for more information or if you’re interested in taking a course with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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