Living with a local family

For $165 per week students who already speak some Spanish can stay with a Peruvian family. You live with a friendly middle class family and are welcomed into their home as part of the family. You have your own bedroom, but the other rooms are shared with the family, the bathroom has hot water.

The Salinas – Meza  Family

The Salina – Meza family live in the pretty and urbanized  Yanahuara district of Arequipa, just minutes from the city center by taxi. Supermarkets, restaurants, coffee shops, and banks are in close proximity to the family home.

The Meza-Romero family

The Meza- Romero Family live in the pretty and urbanized Yanahuara district of Arequipa, 10 minutes from the city center by taxi or by safe city buses (which pass directly by the house).  Supermarkets, restaurants, shops, and banks are all within walking distance of the family home.  They are farmers and have a daughter who lives with them, as well as two granddaughters.

Our accommodations are located in the best urban areas of Arequipa: Umacollo, Yanahuara, Cayma, and Cercado (downtown). The types of accommodations available include:

  • A student residence, living with other university students
  • A family house where you can learn more about customs and traditions of the city
  • A comfortable hotel or a 3 star-hostel
  • A rented apartment (Maria will arrange this free of charge)