Language courses

Depending on whether you are staying in Arequipa and what kind of Spanish knowledge you want to focus on we have a wide range of topics we can teach you:

In-person classes

If you are staying in Arequipa or thinking of coming to Arequipa our in-person classes in the Spanish school in Arequipa will be ideal for you. The school is at a central location and easy to reach, and you can learn Spanish one-on-one with a teacher or in a group/as a family, depending on your needs.

Online classes

Learn Spanish with our online classes and improve your skills from wherever you are! Tailored contents and a flexible schedule adapted to you.

Medical Spanish

We can teach you Spanish geared toward the medical field, and can even facilitate internship placements at local hospitals and medical centers, presenting a unique opportunity for health students and professionals seeking to enhance their careers while immersing themselves in the Spanish language.

Peruvian cuisine

If you like food and drinks and would like to learn more about how to prepare Peruvian meals, we can offer you cooking classes together with your Spanish lessons, learning two skills at the same time.

What language level can I reach?

We put together a list of our courses and how much you can expect to learn depending on your timeframe. This will give you a rough idea where you can get when learning at our school!

Other topics we can cover in our courses

  • Essential Spanish course for travellers in Peru and Latin America
  • Quechua Spanish language course
  • Mystical Spanish course
  • Spanish for Kids (7-12)
  • Spanish for Teens (13-17)
  • Homestay Program with a Local Family
  • Spanish course for adults over 50
  • Arequipa Cultural Exchange Program with Cusco
  • Peruvian History and Peruvian Literature Course in Spanish