Staying in Arequipa

Llama Education understands that the decision to live on another continent and study another language and culture is a big step, even if just for a few weeks or a month. For this reason, we emphasise cultural interaction in terms of the accommodation in which students stay.

To increase the cultural and language learning it is recommended that students choose a live-in package, staying either at the Spanish school or with a local Peruvian family specially selected to match the students needs. This arrangement helps students to adjust to a new culture and language in the comfort and safety of a home-like environment. It also gives students ample opportunity to talk with other people and to put into practise what they are learning in their lessons.

Arequipa as a language learning destination

Arequipa is the second largest city in Peru with spring-like weather all year round, a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains and good infrastructure and safety. There is plenty to experience and the local Peruvian culture has delicious food and drinks as well as its own customs and events.