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Llama Education has standard levels named after the most important volcanoes in Arequipa:

1. Pichu Pichu level

A one-week program focused solely on the present tense. Students learn at least 250 of the most important Spanish words and their uses.

These lessons are very basic and allow the student to learn and practice only what is essential for them to be able to travel more easily through Peru, for example:

  • Asking for and buying things
  • Booking tickets for, and traveling on, public transport
  • Arranging accommodation and sightseeing tours

2. Misti level

A two-week program studying the present tense, and also introducing future and past tenses. Students´ vocabulary increases to around 500 words.

During this program students gain more expressions to express their feelings and learn to communicate better using the present, past and future tenses. In the course of their study students learn more about the customs and history of both Arequipa and the Peruvian culture, allowing them to gain a better insight into the country and its people.

3. Chachani level

A four-week program studying past tenses in more depth.

Students´ vocabulary increases to between 1,000 and 1,500 words at this level.

At this level there is more time in class for students to interact, practice and to immerse themselves in Spanish to gain a better understanding of the language. In the grammar section of their classes, students study eight Spanish tenses. There is also time for conversation practice and listening/pronunciation exercises which allow students to improve their speaking and listening skills. At the end of this program students should be able to be hold conversations with local people as they travel through Peru.

4. Ampato level

A six-week program covering all tenses: past, present and future.

Student vocabulary increases to between 1,500 and 2,000 words.

At this level students are able to read newspapers and to interact easily with local people, making it easier to understand more about the country. As part of their grammar instruction, students learn all twelve Spanish tenses. They have the opportunity to apply and improve their vocabulary, grammar, reading, listening and speaking skills. This is done through the study of Peru, giving students a better understanding of its culture and customs, including those of its different regions – the coast, mountains and jungle.

5.   Course Advanced   –    Coropuna   Level

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